Nightwish - Yours Is an Empty Hope


Yours Is an Empty Hope

Tear me to bits enjoy the scene
Of screen name verbal vanity
Churning the words imbued in filth
Your tongue oily water under my bridge
You have the world, it’s all for you
I wish you’d find the lost in you
Grateful for the pain, it proves we’re alive
Can you feel it
I can’t make you want the truth
It’s up to you
Yours is an empty hope
Yours is an empty hope
Feed me to pigs in your fantasies
Your sea roars bitter elegies
Like Narcissus who bribes the pool
A hollow voice, ruin with a roof
Stop! Life is now, still all for you
Turn from the hate, turn from the smoke
I see the parchment of your soul
The notes, the song
Join your voice
I can let you have the world
It’s all for you
Yours is an empty hope
Yours is an empty hope
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