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I'm not okay with it

I wouldn't like to know
how much time I've got left
because I wouldn't like
to know that I'm dying
Hey, I started to love
this damn life because of you
but there are too many reasons
for me to despise it
It's okay that
no one will mourn me
it's okay that
you'll briefly miss me
But I'm not okay with the fact
that the one thing in my life
I'm leaving behind for another woman
and I'm not okay with it
Here where you cast your glance
everything in me heals
and it somehow repairs
this ugly world
For a moment, I believe everything
and I hold up my head
and I would forever want to relive
those five minutes
Postat de MayGoLoco la Joi, 16/06/2011 - 22:00

Nije mi dobro

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