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The night I swam over Danube

On the bridge the watch was relieved
I knew they were looking for me
There's no lawman that doesn't know my face.
Is my head really worth 100 forints
dear gentleman?
That is what it says under the picture,
yet it is worth at least a fillér more.
We knew some good taverns,
we stole some good horses,
some good star followed us everywhere.
Stay well green Carpathians
car's roads.
For a long time I was far away,
did anybody missed me?
I'm coming with 100 ducats
and a Kashmir scarf with magical colors.
I'm coming to propose to you again,
so they don't give you away to another, my love.
Waves break boats,
what does heart know about that?
Heart is a crazy hussar, drunk and young.
And that night I swam over Danube
deep and dire.
Forgive me great river,
but I had to cross over!
I'm coming...
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