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Nothing is Left for Me

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Nothing is left for me than to lose myself in an abyss
Of sadness and tears
Nothing is left for me
Than to accept my defeat
And to offer you happiness
Nothing is left for me
if your return today would be
an impossibility
And this, that was not love, that you deny today
That you say never happened
Is the sweetest memory of my life
I had hope
At the bottom of my soul
That one day you would stay with me
and I still held an illusion
That nourished my heart
My heart that, today, has to see you as only a friend
And although I lived in love and totally got it wrong
I don't mind
Because this was love for me
For me, the most beautiful, the biggest love
And although you always deny it, for me
It was the most lovely
It was the most lovely
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