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Alegria, alegria

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Walking against the wind
without handkerchielf, without identity card
Under the sun of a almost december
I go...
The sunlight spreads among crimes
Spaceships, guerillas
And beautiful 'Cardinales'
I'll be...
upon the faces of presidents
in long love kisses
in theeth, legs, flags
Bombs and Brigitte Bardot
The sun shining at the news stands
fills me with joy and lasiness
Who reads so many news in this world?
I go...
Among photos and names
With my eyes, so colorful
And with my heart, full of vain loves
I go
Why not? Why not?
She thinks about marriage
And I've not been to the school for so long.
Without handkerchief, without identity card
I go ...
I drink some coke
She thinks about marriage
And a song consoles me
I go...
Among photos and names
Without books, without gun
Without hunger, without telephone
Into the heart of Brazil
She doesn't know, I even thought
about singing on television
The sun is so beautiful
I go...
Without handkerchief, without identity card
Without anything in my pockets or hands
I want to keep living, my love
I go...
Why not? why not?
Why not? why not?
Why not? why not?
Why not? why not?
Postat de algebra la Miercuri, 25/11/2009 - 20:39
Adaugat ca răspuns la cererea bex
Comentariile autorului:

This song became a true hymn for some social movements pro-liberty here in Brazil against dictatorship in the 60's when the students formed the great relutant movement against it. Beautiful cardinales is about the actress Claudia Cardinale and Caetano wants to stress the increase of the worship to these stars at that time in the 60's. So must read "beautiful and vain actresses like Cardinale". He also talks about other elements about capitalism proliferation at that time like Coke, Bardot, space conquer etc.


Alegria Alegria

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algebra    Miercuri, 25/11/2009 - 20:42

Alegria, alegria is an interjection we say in order to cheer up similar to "viva" or spanish "Olé" Wink smile

OzzySCCP    Vineri, 15/04/2011 - 08:10

Amazing song and translation.

E que tempo filho da p*ta esses da ditadura, a unica coisa boa dessa epoca foram as musicas, grandes classicos da MPB, de Chico a Caetano, passando por Gilberto Gil e Geraldo Vandré.