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It's goode to see you again
You never left me alone
And when we face each other now
I never want to let you go again
Pretty much has happened
But I'll tell you about it tomorrow
Tattooed, unshaved, uncivilised
But I don't worry about it now
We start rocking, we go nap
I have waited for you so long
We are hot, loose no time
I hope you are ready for us
I was never gone, I was always there
Just a for short time invisible
How important you are to me, I only realized
When I saw you in the photos
For the things that happened between us
I will always be thankful to you
Let's not think, let us live, let us feel
From here on: Nobody on his own!
When you are standing in front of me now
The rest doesn't matter to us
Because I am schizo
And that really extreme
But I don't care
You think it's great
Postat de Steena la Duminică, 19/07/2009 - 21:38
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