نص القلب (Nos El Alb) (traducere în Engleză)

نص القلب

نص القلب رسمت له
ع الورقة وبعت له
"شو تعليقك ع الموضوع"
بكعب الصفحة كتبت له
كفا بإيده رسم القلب
وصور قلبه حد القلب
وقال لي
ال بدو التاني يحبه"
"بيرسم له قلبه كله
تكرم عينك يا محبوب
قلبي وروحي وعينيّ
أنا قلبي باسمك مكتوب
لكن مش حاسس فيّ
عن قصد رسمت لك قلبي
ناقص عنّك، مش رح خبّي
نصّه داب بليل الغربة
ونصّه التاني بمحلّه
لا تزعل منّي وتصير
تحاسبني وتعلّمني
حبّي لقلبك حبّ كبير
يكفي، حاجي تظلمني
مين قاللك ترسم قلبين
وتحسب إنّه نحنا اثنين
خلّينا قلب بنصّين
عن بعضن ما بيتخّلوا
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Half a Heart

I drew him half a heart
On a paper and sent it his way,
"What are your thoughts?"
I wrote on the corner.
He completed the heart by hand,
And drew his own heart near it,
And said "If you want someone to love you,
You have to draw the whole heart!"
Whatever you want, darling,
You're my heart, my soul, and my eyes,
Your name's written in my heart,
But you're just not sensing it.
I drew my heart on purpose,
Incompletely, missing you,
I won't lie, half of it melted from longing,
And the other remains.
Don't get mad and start blaming me and teaching me,
My love for your heart is massive,
Do you really have to be unjust?
Who said you have to draw two hearts?
And consider us to be seperate?
Let's remain one heart, split in two,
Never leaving each others' side
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