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The second sun

When the second sun comes out,
Making the orbits of the planets get aligned again
It's going to bring down, in an honorable astonishing fashion,
the hypothesis of that being what astronomers
would call it one more comet
I'm not saying that I'm not suprised.
You said it was going be so
and I could not believe you at the time
But now be sure of one thing...
Your phone is going to ring after that,
Calling you in your new house
That now dwells the trails
That I've included for this conversion of mine
I'll just want to say that
When I stepped outside,
I saw two suns in broad daylight,
and everywhere, life was burning / melting,
without an apparent explanation
Explanation, there's no explanation ...
Postat de algebra la Duminică, 15/08/2010 - 19:38
Comentariile autorului:

* 'trails' here means she's likely looking for him in his house, that is, his house is the place she's heading to aftward.
** the conversion here is the change of her beliefs after proving him right

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O Segundo Sol

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