Once Upon a Time (OST) - The Queen Sings


The Queen Sings

The Evil Queen:
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
I’m tortured by some spell
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Please save me from this hell
Magic Mirror:
Snow and Charming made a wish
Now everything has changed
The Evil Queen:
Oh great, you’re singing, too?
This whole thing is deranged
Magic Mirror:
A spell as strong as this
Won’t be easy to defeat
Your curse might not succeed
With your kingdom singing songs so sweet...
It’s time to work, let’s go
Not a thing to make me bristle
With a hi, hi, hi and a ho, ho, ho
I’ll mine that mine and whistle!
He's real and not a toy
There’s a lifetime to enjoy
The happy things, he’s got no strings
‘Cause he’s-a my real boy!
La la, princess on her way
La la, though I’m old and gray
Happy times are here to stay!
Snow White and Charming:
Seems we found a lucky break
Now let our song show the powerful magic…
We can make!
The Evil Queen:
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I made a couple of small corrections based on the official lyrics.