Pedeapsa macului (traducere în Engleză)


Pedeapsa macului

Arde macul sa se-nsoare,
Macul roscovanul,
C-a pus ochii pe-o Cicoare…
Nu-i ca ea o alta floare
Mandra in tot lanul.
Insa floarea mult iubita,
Floare mai aleasa,
Nu-i cu macul potrivita,
Ci-i cu Flutur logodita
Si-i va fi mireasa.
Craiul Flutur , domnul mare,
Manios, pe data,
S-arunca pe vant calare,
Si-ajungand la Mac in zare,
A pornit a-l bate.
Cu aripile-aurite,
Strajnic mi-l loveste,
Jos cad foile izbite,
Si din urma , risipite,
Vantul le goneste .
Rad cicorile si lanul…
Creste veselia,
Ca din Macul Roscovanul
A ramas acum ,sarmanul,
Numai maciulia.
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Versurile apartin lui Vasile Voiculescu.
Nu stiu cum sa atasez un video din pacate, dar acesta este o adresa unde puteti asculta cantecul

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The punishment of the Poppy

The poppy is burning to marry,
The foxy poppy,
As it set its eyes on a chicory,
There is no other proud flower
Like it in all the field.
Yet the most beloved flower,
The most choice flower
Is not suited to the poppy
But is engaged to the Butterfly
And will be his bride.
King Butterfly, great ruler,
Furious, at once,
Throws himself to the wind on horseback,
And reaching the poppy on the horizon,
Started to beat him.
With golden wings,
The guard strikes him for me,
The leaves fall downward, stricken,
And backward, scattered,
The wind banishes them.
The chicories and the field laugh,
The mirth grows,
As of the Foxy Poppy
Remained now, the beggar,
Only a seed-pod.
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this really did require a human translator Wink smile

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arababe    Marţi, 11/05/2010 - 12:54

mai aleasa - means distinguished, exquisite and you can try personalizing the flowers and leave the "it" out because in the song everything is turned to human.. great job!