The Pickle Brothers - Ode to Betty Jo


Ode to Betty Jo

It was the 29th of August, another noisy muggy Brooklyn night
I was out shooting pool while Mom and Dad were having a fight
At dinner time I stopped the game and went home to eat
And Mama hollered out the window "hey bum, you're late!"
She's so sweet
She was watching TV heard some news about Flatbush Ridge
Today Betty Jo* Wholesome jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge
My old man told mama as he passed around the frozen peas,
"Betty Jo was a jerk, pass the frozen TV dinners please"
Mama passed the frozen spaghetti, frozen weinerschnitzel, frozen jello, frozen oatmeal, frozen chili, frozen chow mein, frozen knishes, and an ice pick and said "Betty Jo was nice"
Papa couldn't say nothing 'cause he'd turned to a block of ice
You see, everything is frozen up on Flatbush Ridge
Surprisin' more people aren't jumping off of the Brooklyn Bridge
Mama said to me "Hey, bum, where's your appetite?
I've been defrosting all morning and you haven't touched a single bite
That nice young Rabbi, Dr. Cohen, dropped by today
I told him we gave already at the office, oh, by the way, he said he saw a boy looked just like you up on Flatbush Ridge
And he and Betty Jo were throwing something off the Brooklyn Bridge"
An hour's come and gone since we heard the news from Flatbush Ridge
Now all the neighbors wanna know just what they threw off the bridge
Some people say it was flowers or maybe a diamond ring
Others say it could be most of- well, anything
Now I know, and I'm gonna to tell you just what they threw off that bridge
It was simply a just a little bit of I can tell (intentionally mumbled)**
Postat de DogwoodGirl la Sâmbătă, 21/04/2018 - 03:52
Comentariile autorului:

*Jo is the female spelling of Joe. Since this song was never released on an album, I'm guessing it was misspelled by the YouTube poster.
** this song is a spoof of Ode to Billy Joe by Bobbie Gentry. Ode to Billy Joe is a classic country song known for the fact that it never says exactly what was thrown off the bridge.

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