Yulia Savicheva - Половинка (traducere în Engleză)

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Other Half

Time will fill in the words.
We will put secrets in our souls
Where I did not search for you
Nor you somewhere for me
Do you want to get warm and hide away?
Do you want to? Dive in head first
You are my warm happiness
And I am your sea
Where are you, my other half?
I wait for you so
Invisible soul
I wait for you so
Well, please exist!
I wait for you so
On Thursdays I will always be
Just loafing about without anything to do.
We will be friends, heads
Hands and body
We will remember and we will start to laugh
As if we did not know this earlier.
We do not know just how long
We searched for one another
{Chorus} x 3
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