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Your Eyes

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To me it seems weird
Whole days have passed, you have not called
I don't want to think
You won't be next to me when I wake up
Again I sit and watch
Drops of rain they hit my window gently
It's like I speak with the night
Because I know the night will find you
I can't forget your eyes
Of them I always dream, I never get tired of it
And when I miss them
The dream comes flying back
It brings you back to me
In my heart
I can't stand to be in the house anymore
Ever since you left, everything is sad
I went out for a minute
It's like the way to you I already knew
I meet you out in the road
Tears choked me up and I couldn't talk to you
You say "I missed you"
When I'm with you everything is easy enough, easy enough
I no longer feel like I live
My soul constantly asks desperately for help/relief
Tears I can't manage
My longing for you drowns in them
I don't know how to smile anymore
Stuff I once liked now hurt me
I hope you haven't forgotten
When I'm with you everything is easy enough, easy enough
Everything is easy when you smile for me
You make me fly
But I've lost you, you're no longer here..
In inima mea = In my heart
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