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How are you going without me

I'm so glad of seeing you again
you know I wasn't resentful
sorry if you see that I'm nervous
I didn't expect you so suddenly
I'm glad of finding you so pretty
I swear I see you marvelous
is it that finally things go too well for you
or you try to hide your misfortune
How are you going without me
tell me that you don't go too well
that in fact you want to return
to be with me,
don't try to smile,
I see the truth in your eyes
and there's more sadness and anxiety
than next to me
How are you going without me
have you found something better
or did you understand that love
is not improvised
If you want to return
do it quickly, do it now
because I want to return
to be with you too
like we were yesterday.
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Qué tal te va sin mí

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