The Rascals - How Can I Be Sure?


How Can I Be Sure?

How can I be sure
In a world that's constantly changing
How can I be sure
Where I stand with you
Whenever I...
Whenever I'm away from you
I wanna die
'Cause you know I wanna stay with you
How do I know
Maybe you're trying to use me
Flying too high can confuse me
Touch me, but don't take me down
Whenever I...
Whenever I'm away from you
My alibi
Is telling people I don't care for you
Maybe I'm just hanging around with my head up
Upside down
It's a pity I can't seem to find
Someone who's as pretty and lovely as you
How can I be sure
I really, really, really wanna know
I really, really, really wanna know
Oh, oh, oh
How's the weather
Whether or not we're together
Together we'll see it much better
I love you, I love you forever
You know where I can be found
How can I be sure
In a world that's constantly changing
How can I be sure
I'll be sure with you
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azucarinhoazucarinho    Luni, 21/03/2016 - 09:25

Kindly adjust the lines of this lyric. Thank you . . .

Richard Alan EcclestonRichard Alan Eccleston    Luni, 21/03/2016 - 17:51

Hello Mr./Ms. Azucarinho i humbly am asking clarification whether or not you are authorized by LT to issue an immediately-enforceable imperitive as you are. In other words...
If in case LT was a democracy (which it is not, instead a republic) then my vote (which i realize i do not have) would be cast in light of view that that....
At four levels it seems acceptable and preferable to render the lyrics in poetry format (as shown above) rather than prose format.
Perhaps the real story here is that.... what LT could benefit from is.... an additional hypothetical new type of translation that might be called "Original language, in poetry format not prose"
Those four evidences which tend to favor that-my claim above are enumerated below.
Those four seem worthy of at least brief consideration.... so uninvited i have belabored the discussion to an admittedly inordinate degree.
Given my talkback within a decidedly imperitive setting i'd say nobody would blame you one bit for just being done with my whole nuisance.
And for undertaking whatever unilateral action pleases you.
Additional details are below if-in-case desired.
-- from Rick Eccleston of "Down South in Dixie" USA

(#1) Music is intrinsically audio not written and its literary style within that audio domain is decidedly poetic not prose.
Which is backed-up by the observation that...
Copyright legal documentation requires a definition which is precise.
For USA songs the copyright is traditionally rendered in the precision format of written sheet music.
(#2) Which reduces directly to the poetry style (i.e. not prose) abbreviation shown above.
I really like a good sing-along.
(#3) And the poetry format above for the lyrics does allow all us Sing-along Nuts to do exactly that.
As far as the composers go..... who Own these lyrics... if they are happy then everybody is happy.
And my educated guess is that Felix Cavaliere and Edward Brigati would be beyond-pleased to know that people of all nations are being deeply heart-felt encouraged by singing along with their magnificently timeless compositions.
(#4) My guess is that if translators are at-least aware of the actual poetic construction, then this more-precise guidance toward their rendering efforts can enable their results to become more faithful to the composer's intention.
Which is why i mentioned at the top that it might be very worthwhile for esteemed and beloved LT to add a new class of translation that i labeled as "Original language, in poetry format not prose".
Which restores the alignment of the words with the crucial music.
In closing...
I sincerely hate that my narrative voice was talking equally as all-grown-up legalistic as you clearly implied above despite the veneer of politeness.
Actually i'm a far lesser person than you because i have strayed way farther into that accusations-and-condemnations territory of rules-and-rulers than you did.
I'm definitely making you look saintly by comparison.
In reality i'm just some lint-for-brains who lives in the world of the foolishness of young-at-heart thinkings.
On the bright side you with ten thousand LT points can execute any judgment you want at this point, yet i literally won't care.
In other words plz don't be one bit concerned about my feelings, since i'll be off heartily singing-along with Stijn Kolacny who conducts Scala.
I fully realize my words above would be painfully high voltage for you to read, and i deeply grieve that.
But this here seemed to be one of those chitchats which needed to be stated explicitly and yet paradoxically over-and-done-with ASAP.
So in the interests of converging upon the solution quickly... i was using above the Harry-Truman Plain Speaking literary format.
Such "tell it like it is" format is unusual and moreover inappropriate for this response which is (in an imperitive situation) by-definition most uninvited.
But i needed the writing practice since nobody tells it like it is anymore.
We often rightly use Ad Hominem logic to simplify our decisions so for your convenience i'll identify myself as nothing but an honorary-age-ten idiot.
You'd never guess from my Get-Into-One's-Face narrative voice that my all-time favorite group is Scala and Kolacny Brothers.
I'm not nice like them but at least i know the importance of cutting a path through the jungle for nice people.
I realize i do in fact Not have a vote, but the four factors above seemed eminently worthy of an airing, despite the chitchat-scenario being imperative or not.
Also i realize that additional significant factors do exist beyond the four enumerated above.
Most importantly by far of all.... the need to please the Composers... so i regret this note did so far not please You.
But looking into the future direction.... i remain fully optimistic i can somehow make you happier Regular smile

Richard Alan EcclestonRichard Alan Eccleston    Luni, 21/03/2016 - 20:29

I am totally ashamed of my rotten writing style but not of the fact i was struggling to look under the hood of appearances instead at the underlying details of practical reality from the composer's point of view. Which maybe makes sense but in the end it's actually the results which matter. And like the maxim you cited all that matters is happy hearts. We have to choose our battles wisely and i took my feeble stand here because the message of unswerving loyalty of this one song in particular has caused unusually many happy hearts. It is probably for many people at the lofty level of "the one song i hope they play it at my funeral". (Except i hope a Scala and Kolacny Brothers version exists by that point.) So the from-me-to-you message is... a reminder i actually have no idea whatever i was talking about, but i do know that most of all i hope you are happy at your end, and i am very thankful you patiently endured my ultra-slow motion autopsy with such admirable gracefulness Regular smile

Richard Alan EcclestonRichard Alan Eccleston    Marţi, 22/03/2016 - 11:25

Hi again i feel the guiltiness of a lowly insect who is only a half-inch tall. In saying that i'm not playing some "pity-party sympathy" card but instead that..... an honor i do not deserve is for myself to be in the presence of LT's noble and pure translators. Myself being a nuisance distraction away from your most-worthy mission of making songs contagious, And we are surely blessed to have so many great songs during this era.
"All is well that ends well" so i dread that i'll next stray from the world of peacefulness back now again over into the minefields of sterile logic. However if-in-case any of the powers-that-be should in the future glance at this chitchat, then my message to them is:
For any given individual song, there does exist initially a transcription, and then secondary to that one or more translations.
And i think it might be useful if one of those "translation" choices could additionally include one labeled "Sing Along format".
Which would consist of the same original song text except laid-out in a sequence similar to sheet music.
That succinct formulation above is the one-and-only point that my thousands of words were struggling to arrive-at.
In closing i have said way too much so i'll just sign off abruptly in hopes of leaving well-enough alone.
But once again it was an honor to cross paths with you and i won't forget the favor i received from you namely that you showed unbelievably-much patience.
That's a major favor i will not forget that i owe you Regular smile