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Incisions versuri

  • Artist: Remembering Never
  • Album: Women and Children Die First (2004)


She paints a pretty picture we can all adore
She's covered in razor lines and dynamite
You've shown me how to dissect your beating heart
And just how far these fake smiles can go
So glamorous (shattered like glass)
Fingers shoved to the back of your throat
For a little sex appeal, heaving
Don't forget to call the ambulance when your body hits the floor
So fucking perfect
Your execution will be televised
You threw it all away for a piece of the action
Vanity assassin
With cuts like a diamond and wrapped in plastic
The whole world is crushing on you
The whole world is watching you die
Enjoy living on top of the world
When you die knowing you lived your life on your knees
Die knowing you lived your life on your knees
Postat de LithiumLithium la 2022-11-26


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