Ritmos Satanicos (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

Satanic Rythms

Man or woman
young or old
You are a creature for me unknown
But not for the wind
The water
The fire
And the earth
You are lost forever
Creature without teeth
Without hair
Without sight
If you don't return me right now
What you have stolen me
The evil spirits
The repent has taken control of you
Habit in your hearth
habit in your guts
Poor of you prick creature
If you don't return to his owner whoeveritcouldbe
what he owns
Poor of you if my will and my faith
angels of fire
invoke the four elemental spirits
That are listening me
Poor of you if over your head satan spreads his wings
Do you still doubt? Don't know?
Then fall over you the fountain of my hate
Ea, ea ,ea
be, be, be
will be, will be, will be
Now, tomorrow and an eternity
Elohim, Adonnai, Jehova,
The celestial rage starts to show
the four elements are being mixed.
And this prayer will son work, and no one
No one will know
Forever and ever will be buried
Elohim, Adonnai, Jehova,
drink, shame, nail
Amen, amen, amen
Pititis hell's concubine I invoke you
Amen, amen, amen
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