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There doesn't need to be roses

You often come home very late,
Always have a lot to do,
And when you are finally here,
You hardly speak to me
And hardly listen to me.
I know you love me,
But I want more from you.
If you give me roses,
Then I already know that you think
I will be thrilled by it,
But I think to myself:
[Refrain 1:]
There doesn't need to be roses.
Just simply stroke my hair,
So that I feel you think of me,
And you are still there for me.
Just give me the feeling
That I am important to you,
That the everyday is winning the game
Against our happiness.
[Refrain 2:]
There doesn't need to be roses.
Just take a few seconds of your time
For the worries I have,
For a bit of tenderness!
Take me in your arms,
Don't leave me alone so often!
More there doesn't need to be.
I love roses a lot,
But I love you much more,
Want to share your worries,
Heal your little wounds,
To never lose our love,
And so I say to you:
Refrain 1
Refrain 2
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Rosen müssen gar nicht sein

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