Run after

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"Run after" în versuri

Mick Gordon and Fredrik Throdendal - House in New Berlin

Tell to my small sister***
That she shall not run after me
She should avoid the house in New Berlin

#2Mashi - Barefoot

and throw my words through the wind.
Dew in my face. I'm walking barefoot towards you
I run after you to the end of the world barefoot!

Andrea Bocelli - Funiculì Funiculà

it let you in peace

And it doesn't run after you, it doesn't destroy you
only if you look at it

Travis Birds - Coyotes

And like the hunting dogs
Seeking their prey
I run after you
Covered in dirt and mud when I watch you like an animal

Red Velvet - Zimzalabim

You ready? (Oh yeah!)
Let’s look for your dreams that have faded away and vanished,
let’s run after it together, boys
Shout out loud in a playful voice,

Gims - You will come back

I am not the examplary gender, I won't call your father
He will take my side, because he knows his daughter
Now it's your turn to run after me

SCH - Gomorra

We'll kill each other for the honor of our own
The memory of our deaths
Hard life and lust, run after the time, dream about freeze the hourglass
Buddy, I've been up since the crack of dawn

Umut Timur - You didn't give

Someone hurry, my heart is about to stop now
Doctor don't write a prescription, my medicine is at yours
I'll run after you even if I don't know the end

Timati - Keys To Heaven

You wanted to stay but I didn't learn to trust
You went away in tears, but I didn't stop you
But I really must've got up, run after you
Fuck airplanes - let me share my life with you

Calema - Go

If it was a day or two, or if later it was not okay
But I won't insist, if you don't want to stay, you can go!
That I won't run after you, it will be like you want

Jassi Gill - Gabroo

Even in my thoughts and dreams
I run after you ( I run after you)

Can Yücel - I REALIZED

Every day was a lost day if you dont have love in your heart
I realized why you had run after love like mad..

Bertolt Brecht - Song about the inadequacy of human planning

Yes, just run after happiness,
but don’t run too much,
because we all run after happiness
and happiness runs behind us.

Yasmine Hamdan - I am not that person

nor to complain
if you are unjust to me with your love
I am not the one who would run after you
and say for God's sake

Farid Al Atrash - Ya Gamil

And I'm afraid my heart is leaning (towards you)
You who confuses my heart with you
You who makes my mind run after you
Afraid my soul loves you

Dabro - I like her eyes

[Verse 2]:
My thoughts don't let me rest even once.
I don't run after them, I won't chase them away.
I'm a fan of her eyes, yeah I'm a fan!

Jala Brat - There´s no the better one

you´re a poision in my veins
and from the bar goes a round of drinks, we spend money like a bank
girls run after me, and I like that thin one
she looks at me without censorshim as nymphomaniac


But I s-, but I so wanted
To forget about it all
And run after you barefoot.

Kazem Al-Saher - the impossible love

I love you so much and I know that im traveling through the sea of your eyes ,certainly
And I leave my mind behind me and I run and run after my madness
Oh from a lady who catch a heart between her hands

DJ Only - To the Desert

To the distance I'll run after her
They wait for me to give her up