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Sad Story

It’s a sad story.
I can’t forget that uncommon day when the bright sun is filling
I dreamed endlessly on this beautiful day
The tears that I don’t desire, please come find me
The way you spoke from your painfully cold lips
Shuts out all light
Even though the wind passes by leaving nothing, I lose strength and cry
Cause you’re breakin’ my heart
[CHORUS] How should I know rain comes again
Tell me why you're leaving me again
Please don't go stay here however
come back to me
It's a sad story
Like a continuous dream on this beautiful day
The tears come find me
I’m weary of this cruel separation, I break down and cry
cause you're breakin' my heart
Postat de ladyakatsuki la Duminică, 06/05/2012 - 12:37
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Sad Story

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