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It is enough both for you and me

This world is more than enough for both you and me,
What is the reason for the fight, let's get to an agreement.
We are on the same path, both in shortage and in wealth.
If we share it together, mine becomes yours, too.
I have a heart, and I gave it to you.
Believe me half of the dreams I have belongs to you.
The stars in the sky and the seas though belong to everyone.
Don't be greedy, let everything I have be sacrificed for you.
Since Allah is rich and the slaves are poor, do not worry He sees them.
When prayers come together with love, nobody is left with tears.
If he/she has it and you don't, your heart is rich, do not worry.
A laughter is worth all the worldly wealth.
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Sana Bana Yeter

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