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no strings attached

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no strings attached
Because until now you did not notice
How much I loved
Because until now is not going
As you thought
And do not brighten up your bad time
You're going
On the contrary we go where we are
No free bonds of pride
Without anger
In the language of our skin
Let all
Untethered we deliver
forbidden love
Because you have the wrong beloved today
lives with you
No free bonds of pride
Without anger
In the language of our skin
Let all
Postat de marissa316marissa316 la Miercuri, 06/05/2015 - 21:18
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Not sure if this is correct.
No estoy seguro si esto es correcto.


Sin ataduras

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roster 31roster 31    Joi, 07/05/2015 - 14:41

Yes Marissa, unfortunatelly your translation is not correct.
Firstable, your title, should be repeated in the verses.
1. First stanza, second verse = "how much I loved YOU"
2. Second stanza - "Y no me alegra" = "and I am not happy/glad about".
" estás pasando" = " you are going through".
3. Third stanza - Starts by repeating the title, followed by "free of pride"
Third and fourth verses, "with the language..."/ "let's say it all".
4. Next, again, repeat the title and continue with something like, "let's give/surrender ourselves up to..."
5." Pues mal amada te tiene el que hoy..." = "...badly loved you are by the one who..."

Best to you