smoke and mirrors

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zasłona dymna

Meanings of "smoke and mirrors"


something intended to disguise or draw attention away from an often embarrassing or unpleasant issue —usually hyphenated when used attributively

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the obscuring or embellishing of the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information.

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сокрытие или приукрашивание правды, истинного состояния дел с помощью неуместной, отвлекающей, или вводящей в заблуждение информации.

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"smoke and mirrors" în versuri

DJ Snake - Let Me Love You

Somethin' beautiful
Sellin' a dream
Smoke and mirrors keep us waitin' on a miracle
On a miracle

Nightwish - Song of Myself

I, too, wish to be a decent manboy but all I am
Is smoke and mirrors
Still given everything, may I be deserving

Demi Lovato - Smoke & Mirrors

Now that I see you clearer
Was it just smoke and mirrors?
Was it just smoke and mirrors?

Jennifer Rostock - Fire

And I even know that
But you taste so good
Like nothing but smoke and mirrors
Today it's the time of rut and that rubs off

Tina Turner - Goldeneye

And time, time is not on your side

See him move through smoke and mirrors
Feel his presence in the crowd

De/Vision - In yourself

Lives in you
Is life a dream
Born from smoke and mirrors
Do you still dream

Adam Lambert - There I Said It

It's a twisted dream you believe in
And what's the use in pretending?
Let's make the smoke and mirrors disappear

Die Fantastischen Vier - Yours Sincerely

MfG - Yours sincerely
The world is at our feet, since we're standing on it
We walk upon it for a life full of smoke and mirrors
Before we fall, we'd rather stand out

One Direction - Illusion

and the dangerous tricks people play on the eyes of the innocent
I could turn a lot of hearts into bricks
with smoke and mirrors disappearing right in front of me

Black Veil Brides - Smoke and Mirrors

I'd rather be alone
Than put you on a throne
And lose my faith in Smoke and Mirrors

Silbermond - Nothing happens

With the promises you break

That sounds like nothing but smoke and mirrors, the way you build your sentences
A likely story, but I don't see any blissful people here

Lil Wayne - Spiegel

Ich sehe mich an wie ich jetzt bin, und kann meine Verhangenheit erkennen
Verdammt, ich sehe genau so aus wie mein scheiß Vater
Zünde an, das ist Rauch und Spiegel[fn]Original sollte "smoke and mirrors" sien. Der Marijuanarausch ist bloß ein Trick, lässt ihn sich für besser halten, als er ist, vernebelt seine Selbstwahrnehmung.[/fn]
Ich sehe sogar im gebrochenen Spiegel gut aus

The Civil Wars - Girl With The Red Balloon

Keep her glass full of cheap champagne
She will tell of a man with no name
Smoke and mirrors have done her in
She's in love and she won't be again

Silbermond - Nichts passiert

how you form your sentences
sounds a bit like smoke and mirrors
Who believes it becomes blessed but I don't see any blessed people here... (it's the word-by-word translation..."Wer's glaubt wird selig" means sth like "ahh that's a very likely story")

Dubioza Kolektiv - Making Money

create a problem
then come with a solution
smoke and mirrors,sold down the river
we tell who loses,who's the winner

Imagine Dragons - Smoke And Mirrors

I want to believe
But all that I own
Is it just smoke and mirrors?

Jayn - Smoke and Mirrors

No, I won't fall for this again
I'll always see behind your smoke and mirrors
I know you love me deep inside, you're simply caught up in her lie

Poets of the Fall - Smoke and Mirrors

I danced a tango with my hubris high on youth
We swept across the dance floor to subjective truth

But there was no harmony there

Isabelle Boulay - The Heroine of This Story

This image in the mirror
Is nothing but the shadow of yourself
Smoke and mirrors
That hides me in the bottom of the shade...

Agnes Obel - Smoke & Mirrors

I'm sure they would agree
That my one is falling for tricks,
Smoke and mirrors playing your wit.

Gotye - Smoke and Mirrors

Sometimes you even fool yourself a bit
It's like magic
But it's always been a smoke and mirrors game
Anyone would do the same

We Are The In Crowd - Lights Out

I'll hold my breath
And let you fill the room
With smoke and mirrors things look clearer
Just don't panic

Escape the Fate - You're insane

Feels like I’m living in a madhouse
With smoke and mirrors you see
The devil in me shivers

Delta Goodrem - Hypnotized

Been living my life in commotion
Like all the colors, bruised and broken
Life has a lot of smoke and mirrors
Seven years without love made it clearer

Christina Stürmer - Live louder

For the perfect figure, for a brilliant skin
For the clean-cut hairstyle, for a flat stomach
It's all smoke and mirrors! Let's drop all pretence
We all should live much louder!

Victoria Beckham - No Trix, No Games

No trix, no games just me (just me)

Behind the smoke and mirrors there's a girl you never see
(No trix, no games, no illusions, no fantasy)

Keke Palmer - Shut Up, Stop Lying

And you're not original at all
This is make believe
Smoke and mirrors call it Cris Angel
You pretend that you were the one

DJ Snake - laat me van je houden

Somethin' beautiful
Sellin' a dream
Smoke and mirrors keep us waitin' on a miracle
On a miracle

Keke Palmer - Stop Lying Shut Up

And you’re not original at all.
This is make believe.
Smoke and mirrors call it Cris Angel.
You pretend that you were the one.

Tori Kelly - Talk

People talk, people talk
But they don't wanna say what they're really trying to say
Hopes and fears, smoke and mirrors
Save all the thinking; words by themselves, they just fade

Sia - hologram

But now the power's up, and you are thin air
What an illusion, I could have sworn that you were there
Smoke and mirrors
You are just a hollow man, hologram

Glen Hansard - My Little Ruin

Time has not been kind, but you're still standing here.
Leave a light on in your window, won’t you let me see a sign?
It’s gonna take more than smoke and mirrors now for me this time

Cyclonious - Peak

Means you're aware, it doesn't mean
You would do shit, glued to your armchair
Glare through these rappers' smoke and mirrors
They're all actors, the glass shatters

Sade - The Moon And The Sky (Remix)

I know we could have had it all
I wasn’t ready to go steady no not at all
Smoke and mirrors clouded my vision we hit a wall
Couldn’t see the moon and the sky behind the fog

Tyga - Rumorz

Uh, rumor has it, I'm a hazard
Don't give me no Hennessy, I might make some enemies
And rumor has it, I'm going broke, it's all smoke and mirrors
What happens when you smoke huh?

Hilary Duff - Any Other Day

Into some outer space

Nevermind the smoke and mirrors left behind you
Don’t you go

Set It Off - Swan Song

When you're coming back.
Draw the curtains, take the stage,
Smoke and mirrors underway,
Hold your breath, here comes the turn:

Threshold - Opium

I've struggled to get near it to backwards engineer it
But all I find is a smoke and mirrors game
The recondite monopolies the airwaves

Barbra Streisand - Don't Lie to Me

You can built towers of bronze and gold
You can built castles in the sky
You can use smoke and mirrors all clichés
Not today, not today

Three Days Grace - Chasing The First Time

Chasing the first time

All the smoke and mirrors
Can't quite calm the fear

Shoshana Bean - Smoke And Mirrors

No I'm not trying to hook ya
There're no smoke and mirrors
Darlin' when I love

Fifth Harmony - No Filter

Open your heart up, heart up

You and me, with no smoke and mirrors, mirrors
Let me see, you crystal clear, clear

Lucio Battisti - Our dear angel

He sleeps in bushes underneath the trees,
But he won't ever be a slave.
Smoke and mirrors,
[Those] with no reason flash on the ground,

Letzte Instanz - Daylight

Our dreams were built on smoke and mirrors
But your coldness warmed me
It was strange to us, yet so familiar
But your heat tormented me

Rocío Jurado - Everything Crumbled Inside Me

Everything crumbled inside me... Inside me...
Your love was smoke and mirrors... Smoke and mirrors...
Look at my dreams: they are going up in smoke!

Abigail Williams - Smoke And Mirrors

In a dark corner of the room she sits in silence
Behind the mask of beauty lies the truth
Taken away

Skye Sweetnam - Smoke and Mirrors

They'll tear us up until our tears show, our tears show
Smoke and mirrors
Smoke and mirrors

Dieter Thomas Heck - We vote CDU

If we draw the balance about this
We see that the situation is fatal
The innovation was nothing but smoke and mirrors
So was the reduction of our taxes

Margaret - Tell Me How Are Ya

Why be so serious
Now loose the thought of us
(I'm) smoke and mirrors grand the lux
I'm Casanova on the rocks

Jojo - How You Did It

Should've been followin' my first instinct I would've stayed so far away from you
But you deceived me, had me believin' that every lie you told was the truth
I didn't see then, it was all smoke and mirrors
Boy you had me fooled, I was in the crowd cheerin'

Renaud - The white stuff

And now you're giving me that sad spaniel look.
You're quite the speedster, but you're out of steam.
Just a bleak stare in smoke and mirrors[fn]lit. "you only have powder in your eyes ,and pretty bleak eyes too". "poudre aux yeux" is like "smoke and mirrors"[/fn]

Varg - Blood and Fire

Piece by piece, I'll pile it up
A mountain of frustration and duress
A monument of smoke and mirrors
Towering as high as a tower in the sky

Faye Wong - The Tides of Time

A lamp glows bright in my heart
You who allowed me to see through the smoke and mirrors
You are that lamp in my heart

Söhne Mannheims - I'm Sorry

So much noise for nothing
So much smoke and mirrors
The best worst friends

Luxuslärm - Just one heartbeat apart

I browse the internet, monotony
A thousand picture but I don't see anything
Nothing but smoke and mirrors, I'm thinking of you
I close my eyes just to hear you

Puscifer - Smoke And Mirrors

You confessed one day to have been a snake and deceiver
But when your moment came, to shed that skin
You just slithered away
You just slithered away

Flatbush Zombies - Facts

Until they get it, I'ma continue to punish them
Hope you heard us, don't compare us (nah)
To the large percentage of smoke and mirrors (everybody)
Ahh, I'ma leave it like that

Kate Ryan - For which lover

For me you are a mystery,
a myth, smoke and mirrors
I know

Jayn - Smoke and Mirrors

Sana bağırmayı istememiştim
Senin dumanının ve aynalarının ardında hep göründüm
Oh tatlım, lütfen bana bağırma
Gerçekten görmesi zor değil

Plan B (UK) - Ill Manors

Be the joker, play the fool
What's politics, ain't it all
Smoke and mirrors, April fools?
All year round, all in all

Helene Fischer - Goldeneye

and time, time is not on your side

See him move through smoke and mirrors
Feel his presence in the crowd

J. McEdwins - Change

Overflow was necessary – women too
I’m writing my obituary (huh)
Faded off the smoke and mirrors
Flashing lights were never clearer

Mario Cuomo - A Tale of Two Cities 

Now don't take my word for it -- I'm a Democrat. Ask the Republican investment bankers on Wall Street what they think the chances of this recovery being permanent are. You see, if they're not too embarrassed to tell you the truth, they'll say that they're appalled and frightened by the President's deficit. Ask them what they think of our economy, now that it's been driven by the distorted value of the dollar back to its colonial condition. Now we're exporting agricultural products and importing manufactured ones. Ask those Republican investment bankers what they expect the rate of interest to be a year from now. And ask them -- if they dare tell you the truth -- you'll learn from them, what they predict for the inflation rate a year from now, because of the deficit.

Now, how important is this question of the deficit. Think about it practically: What chance would the Republican candidate have had in 1980 if he had told the American people that he intended to pay for his so-called economic recovery with bankruptcies, unemployment, more homeless, more hungry, and the largest government debt known to humankind? If he had told the voters in 1980 that truth, would American voters have signed the loan certificate for him on Election Day? Of course not! That was an election won under false pretenses. It was won with smoke and mirrors and illusions. And that's the kind of recovery we have now as well.

Mike Sinatra - Tailspin (The Jayhawks Cover)

Running out of your head

Smoke and mirrors couldn't hide your tears
Your eyes only betray you

Xavi - The Time Is Ripe

I want to feel if anything is still there
Or if everything's numb
Just smoke and mirrors
Damn it, I need you, probably more than I need me