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Dream number two

Defendant, listen:
We have listened to you.
You did not know you had a phosphorous conscience
Implanted between the aorta and the intention.
We have observed you
From the first beats of your heart
To the shortest rhythms
Of your last emotion,
When you killed,
Furthering power,
The lifetime members of power,
Piled up downhill
Their own celebration.
And although you thought it was revenge,
The phosphorus guard
Signaled your longing for power,
As you delighted in the most exciting role of law,
The one that doesn't protect:
The executioner.
The longest finger in your hand
Is the middle one,
Mine is the index,
despite this you judged too.
You acquitted and you convicted
Above me,
But above me,
For what you did,
For the way you renewed it
The power is thankful.
Once, a judge just like me
Judged he who dictated the law:
First they changed the judge
Immediately afterwards
The law.
Now, a judge like me
Asks power if he's allowed to judge.
You are the power.
Do you want to be judged?
Do you want to be acquitted or convicted?
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Sogno numero due

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