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As long as I have dreams

[1. Verse: Karuzo]
I hang around and wait for my life to change
And every day in the calendar seems to be wasted so pointlessly
Always the same four walls, the same mugs as yesterday
The same conversations and the same hollow promises
It makes me sick to know that tomorrow will be the same day
The same bumfuck and that the next year will be the same year
I can't keep seeing to it, that guys, that are half as good
Life my dreams, because I failure don't even try it
But I wake up, go out there and make something of it
From scum to uptown, I rap 'till the city bounces
You have waited so long, I have waited so long
Now no one can believe that it is true, that I'm finally there
When you guys slept, I was awake and contemplated
Night for Night did I write down what I thought on paper
Now it is too late, to turn around, there is no way back
And no matter, what it will cost me, I regret nothing!
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
As long as I have dreams, no one of you can harm me
I am ready to die for that even this night
Ready to die, to reach for the stars only once
With each verse, that I write, I come closer to freedom
[2. Verse: Karuzo]
I have heard, how they slandered, have heard, how they laughed
Thought, that I was too weak, but my words are weapons
Brother, I swear, I will make it, I am cut out for something more meaningful
This is my song for you, there's no sweeter revenge
Today I am the king of the fools, it was a rude awakening
For you, you thought, there was no one with a bigger mouth
And you were proven right, something like me won't happen a second time
And fuck yeah! Yeah I cried, when I was alone!
Try fighting me, but after the tenth fist I stand up
Everybody up, you cockroaches are indentations in my resume
You can't finish me, don't you get it? Not as long as I have dreams
Because I since I can think had more enemys than friends
You want to push me down, choke the words in the mouth
I'd rather die standing than live kneeling, you motherfuckers!
What you do, is just feed for all the hate in me
To be free I just need a pencil and a piece of paper
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
[Bridge: Karuzo]
Even if the rest of the world doesn't understand me
And nobody believes in me anymore, I continue as before
Because you will never stop me
I am a dreamer and for all dreamers is this sound
No matter, how bad it is, I raise the fist
Even if the rest of the world doesn't understand me
And nobody believes in me anymore, I continue as before
Because you will never stop me
I am a dreamer, and for all dreamers is this sound
Whatever (happens), Sikk always makes it bounce
(Hook: Karuzo) [x4]
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to me this is essantially the german equivalent to lose yourself


Solang ich Träume hab

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