Gipsy Kings - Soledad (traducere în Engleză)

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You say that leaving
Me, so I wanted.
That it's a lie, I found it
On the street, I know, I fell in love,
E-e-e-e-i.... And of a love
that don't tell me
that I loved her
The entire night
The day I fell in love
With nothing I left passes the day
The kisses that will sing ay, woman
I want to live you more
Like the night and I spent it
Without anything
I see you
Don't tell me, it's nothing,
I will search for you.
Don't tell me anything,
I will search for you.
That you are the love that I want
One day already short of passing
If you are mine
As it is nothing if I
See you look one day
E-e-e-e-i.... Like the love
I would arrive
If the time passes
That he if he is
And already love
Without a memory
Postat de petervbraun la Sâmbătă, 28/07/2012 - 20:16
Comentariile autorului:

This song is really hard because it's actually south-french dialect of Spain that takes words from Spanish and French. Also, I could tell all the Spanish lyrics didn't match with what the Gypsy Kings were saying, so I had to sort of guess.

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