Flëur - Spasti (Спасти) (traducere în Engleză)

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Almost, but it's not too late
Almost, but there's still a chance
Maybe, you still have time
Only a little is necessary,
But time is relentless
Hurry, while there is hope
A birthday cake with candles
A dress with white lace
Gentle caressing hands
The scent of fresh strawberries
Toward flickering flames
Of endless unknown worlds
First kiss at dawn
The figures on a lucky ticket
His leaving, devoid of meaning
Still one day without a trace
You could reform him
Wake up, shake of delusion
Through the night extended palms
To hide the candle from the wind
First kiss at dawn
Figures on a lucky ticket
The tracing of an airplane over the roof
The bright flashes of fireworks
Gentle caressing hands
The scent of fresh strawberries
The ringing of bells on high
An apple orchard in spring
  • 1. Спасти is the perfective infinitive form of the verb save, implying a strong sense of the action successfully being completed.
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Spasti (Спасти)