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Alight moon peeks, young stars gleam
In a warm summer night, bright even when it's night
A clear stark path, a small jump of a certain kind
Moves there a young lady, walks a small girl.
"Come damsel, put down the child, spend your night next to me.
Come maiden, strip your shyness, spend the night next to me!"
Welcoming her a musician, melty-eyed man,
A dream kantele* on his hands, words of a song on his tongue
"This I sing, that I remember, what I know to be known,
To be experienced by all the people"
In early morning, when the sun rose
Went the man away, went he wherever
The little girl, the trusting small child,
Thought a while, thought another, thought with her brain
The charm of the musician, untrustworthy song-maker's
Was too much even for a damsel, too cheesy were the words
An angry old lady gave advice to a little one, comforted,
Gave her gloomy advice to secure her path:
"The melty-eyes is your doom, his rotten playin' your death, if you cherish it in your mind, hold it long in your soul.
That's why let yourself forget, make a certain kind of spell, the melty-eyes you'll kill with that, dark mood you will shake away
'This you won't sing, that you won't remember, and you won't know what is known, to be experienced by all the people, to one maiden's wonder
I won't come, I won't, sleep I won't at all.
I won't stay to remember what I once said!'"
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* A Finnish zither

This was the hardest translation I've ever done. I didn't, at first, understand even the Finnish version.



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