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Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes
and tell me if you see
the same picture as I do.
How the colours dance!
And now they are only one.
A painter
considered it much better
to make clear-cut frames.1
And jump into the sea
if you see it as blue as I do.
And let the sharks
speak to you about love.
And then I will speak
about wolves amidst the forest
and about a child who’s not afraid.
A child who’s not afraid
and breathes slowly.
And breathes slowly.
To touch the sun
you don’t need to move from the place.
Hold on to a bird
that would fly away today.
And talk to me about the light
and about the body that’s not a body.
And talk to me about the life
of those explorers.
And, on the way back,
stop at my roof
so that within seconds
we can put the world in order.
Let the neighbours come up,
as this is a big party!
And someone sings far away.
And whiteness retakes its place.
And breathes slowly.
And breathes slowly.
  • 1. I've consulted several people about this line and nobody is sure what's meant here. "Marges de graons" literally means frames that are constructed in a step-like way. Maybe the painter wants a frame that can hold the colours well inside and not let them "dance". A step-like frame makes it for the colours difficult to "escape"/overflow. Just my thoughts.
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Tanca els ulls

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