Cem Adrian - Tanrı'nın Elleri (traducere în Engleză)

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God's Hands

As the wind blows, leaves fall.
A drop glides from your unclouded face.
This separation, this separation is the deepest scar in your heart now.
And as the sun sets, as the children sleep,
Who waits by my side is a tired angel.
And every night, what caress my hair,
So that I'm patient, are God's hands
How big, how deep, how black, how sharp,
Are you fragile eyes, like separation.
Don't forget, don't forget that they'll sew the torn night to the morning.
How big, how white, how unique, how clear
They wrap around my cold soul.
Don't let go, do't let go of my hand. I'd fall into the darkness.
An angel is stitching your name on my heart like a delicate lace.
I feel your soft fingertips wandering on my destiny.
A grain of sand mixes into the sea somewhere far away.
And your tears touch my palms.
Don't cry.
Postat de witch667 la Joi, 24/11/2011 - 20:03
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