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I Miss You

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The time flies and flies, and I'm still here
wanting you in my arms with no hope of having you
I search for a way out of seeing myself like this
oh how far from my side you love is from me
I weep and weep to know you're not here
with my lips - baby see how I want to kiss you
and I try and I try not to feel this way but
its horrible to know that you don't want me
Coro: see how much I suffer
I burn inside to feel your love
Baby don't do this to me - you know that I love you
with all my heart
I love you and I miss you - I want to see you with me
holding hands and to be together with you
the knowledge that you're not here kills me
Oh baby why you gotta be doing this to me Me
It hurts so much to know that you're not for me
and that beautiful little body is not for me to share
It hurts so much to know that you're not for me
Oh how I love you - How it pains me to be without you
You don't love me
See how I'm suffering
I burn inside
to feel your love
Postat de Tsuka la Joi, 21/10/2010 - 13:10
Comentariile autorului:

"me quemo por dentro" - directly translated would be "I burn on the inside" but that doesn't quite convey the emotion behind the text when in context. A more accurate translation would be something like "My insides are on fire" or "I'm on fire inside", but I hesitate to take such artistic liberty with the text. Please know that, of course, the emotion is understood.


Te extraño