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Tears don't lie

When you say to yourself,
everything is over.
When you don't believe,
he is true only to you.
Turn round,
look in his face,
and you will see:
tears don't lie.
Day and Night,
it was great with him.
The door is open,
will you really go?
Like an open book,
rends his heart for you.
And you recognize:
tears don't lie.
Spilled wine,
no-one drinks.
A lost heart,
remains forever empty.
It is never too late,
come on make your decision:
Hold your hand out to him,
tears don't lie.
The big city attracts with its lights,
With beautiful men,
with music and dance.
But the splendor does not live up to,
what it promises
Turn finally round,
tears don't lie.
Turn round again,
look in his face
and you will understand
tears don't lie.
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Tränen lügen nicht

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