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My native language is Macedonian; I am fluent in English and advanced in Turkish. I also speak and write in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian (I'm advanced in these three languages). I can do translations 'from' Bulgarian (intermediate level in Bulgarian). Same holds good for Albanian. I can do translations from/to all above-mentioned languages.

I love science and I have gathered great knowledge in that field. Philosophy is one of the most interesting things for me.

I play keyboard, accordion and a bit of guitar. I love music because it is the language of feelings. I listen to all types of music depending on how i feel at the moment (everything from classical to techno)

I enjoy reading books because on that way I extend my horizons and learn loads of things about life. Science fiction books and movies are my favorite as well as the ones related to non-fictional science, psychology and philosophy.

I love folklore and I enjoy dancing folk dances. My favorite folk dance is called Pajduško. I've also attended classes for Latino dances and I enjoyed them.

I want playing table tennis, volleyball, handball and basketball; I also love tennis but have never played in my life.

Despre mine

Hello! My name is Bojan /'bɔjan/ and I am from Macedonia, a small, beautiful country with great and warm people, in the heart of Balkans. I want to travel and to make new friends all the time from all over the world. I never group people according to their religion, nationality nor gender and I don't want to be grouped that way neither. Being and acting as human is all what matters to me!
I want to help others, so if you need any help don't hesitate and contact me, unless it may harm someone I'm ready to help. As I've already mention I want to make friends, so everyone who wants to be a friend of mine, just a "Hi!" is what they need. Every friendship begins with a “Hi”, as well as every conversation, so it makes it one of the most important words in every language, and the ability to unite people makes it my favorite one.
I am an open-minded type of person, having no prejudices at all. In my opinion the life should be lived in present with thoughts for the future and never live in past with ‘what would have… if I had done…’ kind of thoughts. I mean the usage of ‘third conditional’ annoys me really much! I never talk about politics because that it is the only thing that splits people and makes them hate each other, what makes it the most disliked thing of mine.
I wish you all the best and never give up of things you like. Never worry because although the life may seem like unfair, everything comes to its place, sooner or later. And remember, Life is like a mirror, smile to it and it’s going to smile you back!

My biggest dreams:
1. diving (deep in the lakes/seas/oceans)
2. flying (by paraglider because you can fly in all directions)
3. going to space (someday maybe)
These are the three things I dream of doing since the very first memory of mine. Ability to fly and dive is my perception of physical freedom, while having full control of your physical part plus having the right to express your opinion is my perception of psychological freedom. Hope one day these dreams of mine will come true.

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