Τρεις ζωές (Treis zoés) (traducere în Engleză)

  • Artist: Michalis Hatzigiannis (Μιχάλης Χατζηγιάννης)
  • Cântec: Τρεις ζωές (Treis zoés) 10 de traduceri
  • Traduceri: Engleză #1, #2, Estonă, Finlandeză, Franceză, Macedoneană, Română, Sârbă, Spaniolă 1 more
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Three Lives

Versiuni: #1#2
Love is a strange land...
Just when I think that it's far away,
Something appears
Just when I've almost reached to the bottom of the sea,
And I say, "I'm dying"
I hold onto your two hands,
And I come up
If only I had one, if only I had two,
If only I had three lives
To live for you once, to live for you twice,
To live for you three times
A strange silence, it's raining tonight
Just when I think it's going to get seperated,
Love withstands
And it always finds some crevice,
On your face
You become love,
And I become yours
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Τρεις ζωές (Treis zoés)

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