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Your love feels good

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I love you so delightfully innocent
Because I believe when you say "I love you"
Because I believe even that I need you
Because you give me new dreams
I love you so thunderously and delicately
Between yearning and happiness
Because I need you you're my life
And I can't let you go
Because when love is true it bursts from the soul
It blinds us with it's light
And soon we find ourselves aflame
Good, your love feels so good
Your love disarmes me
Your love controls me
It comforts and enchants me
so good, you love feels so good
Your love disarmes me
Your love controls me
It overwhelms me, anchors me
Look how your love makes me feel
I love you so much it's almost wrong
With your curves that kill
At my side you make me strong
Indeed you are my queen and my shoulder
I love you so whether laughing or quiet
When I fall you're there to lift me
Because my voice and my spirit quiver
When you say you love me
Because your love like the truth returns me to my own soul
It blinds me
And soon I find myself aflame...
Postat de Lorne la Duminică, 08/01/2012 - 12:54
Comentariile autorului:

I chose to focus on the poetry and meaning rather than precise translation. Didn't feel 100% regarding the translation of "te qiero asi tan precisa eqivocada con Gus detalles que matan" All comments/suggestions welcome.... Thanks


Tu amor me hace bien

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