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To a Lady

I wanted to give you,
On such a special day,
An imaginary trunk
Where you can daydream,
With the details of your world
And color-filled landscapes
What else could I give to
A beautiful, White Lady?
What but a list of these things
That will be true keepsakes
A flower
A beautiful sunrise
A photo of friends
And a great kiss upon your heart
A little ship made of paper
And a little girl with a little sun
And an afternoon in the Garden of Eden
A place to dream
And a place to fulfill the dreams
And a lifetime before you
To give you even more happiness
Shining all around you
Everything wrapped and tied with dreams
So that you never forget
To show to the whole world
The smile of a lady like you
A place to dream, another one to fulfill dreams
Happy Birthday.
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A una dama

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