Veisu (traducere în Engleză)

traducere în Engleză

A chant

Is crude, this yard,
not even buds on the trees.
And even though it's already spring,
northern wind1 feels in the bones.
With it, my curses
will once echo far and wide.
Now listen it through once,
for soon I'll be in the grave.
On the couch I just laid
and even snored at nights.
If the hag began nagging I though
if I'd hit already.
I drank a bottle of liquor on Friday,
two on Saturday
and in a hangover I watched formula races on Sunday.2
So then the devil of a hag
took someone else.
I opened a bottle and drank it right after.
And after whining for some time:
"We still have some hope, right?"
The hag went ahead and got
a restraining order.
I happened to taste drinks a bit.3
I laid my hopes on being drunk,
disappeared to the orbit
I, to a chute of many weeks.4
I wonder what I'll do with my life.
I had perhaps already died, but still I was here.
I lost all control.5
I went crazy here and there.
I lost houses, cars, when to liquor I tried to die.
But slowly as hell
liquor6 kills a man.
I was left to town7 to struggle
somewhere midway.
The most liked of the nearby bar
I was not. Complaints8
I received there, the rest you can read from the alibi.
I sorted out relations
with an axe and a log.
And more I got to explain at the police building.
Now I'm sitting behind bars9 and thinking about these:
I'm pissed off so heavily when I'm in prison.10
And was it really me,
who smudged the wall?
I'll bring the calmness11, I did nothing,
I'm a victim of the times.
The hag visited to show her belly,
brought that flower shrub.
As a farewell gift left the divorce papers and agony.
The bundle12 wilts on the table.
I notice that not here
God is anywhere in sight,
the devil13 sits on the shoulder.
God isn't anywhere in sight,
the devil13 whispers on the shoulder.
God isn't anywhere in sight,
the devil13 laughs on the shoulder.
  • 1. The word "viima" means a strong and continuous wind.
  • 2. Finnish people do traditionally pretty well in Formula 1 competitions and watching them used to be a pretty big past time activity at some point.
  • 3. "Tuli vähän maisteltua" can be translated to "It just so happens that I tasted (and possibly wholly consumed) [a few drinks]." and is a very roundabout way of saying that you just can't help but drink a lot.
  • 4. Very hard to translate and is kind of poetic as well. Basically means that the person went on a drinking spree.
  • 5. An idiom, see
  • 6. "kossu" here refers to the drink Koskenkorva which is a strong and popular Finnish spirit.
  • 7. "kylille" literally means "to the villages" but can mean "to somewhere in the town"
  • 8. I feel like the original text has invalid pacing here.
  • 9. An idiom, see
  • 10. An idiom, see
  • 11. Most likely not the correct translation, but this is my best guess
  • 12. Flower bundle
  • 13. a. b. c. Refers to the devil, but uses the word for an imp or a fiend
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