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The Whisperer

I'm not a hostile woman, I very rarely get angry
But I have a bit of a peculiarity
'Cause I too have my limits, and when wrath completely takes control
Then I treat myself primally
Like when my partner left, then I asked for one last embrace
There we stood, cheek against cheek, I sobbed his name so softly
He thinks that I'm going to whisper something
In his ear when I scream - Ah!
I press my lips against his ear - Ah!
Please, forgive me
How I behave... !
One day, I sat on the bus with an old lady next to me
A grouchy and grumpy individual
And on her lap sat an equally aggressive little dog
And I suspected froth in his mouth
He grabbed my arm, without warning, and bit
My blood was just flowing
She said: "It's your own fault!"
She thinks that I'm going to sympathetically
kiss the dog on his ear - Ah!
I also grab his owner's ear - Ah!
Please, forgive me
How I behave... !
So now I'm sitting at the doctor's, because this isn't working out
And he's wondering why I'm there
It's difficult to explain, perhaps it's something mental
But that treatment is needed is apparent
He listens to my heart
Then, suddenly, I can't stop - Ah!
I grab the stethoscope, scream - Ah!
Oh, now I feel fine
Thank you and good day!
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