Galileo Galilei - Wakkanai (稚内) (traducere în Engleză)

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A scribble of an amoeba-like dog, a garage filled with blurred tires
The song made from 3 chords, replaced our unlucky day
A stiff wind, in our tedious town, a cloudy, seldom sunny sky
I'm being pinned down. An old piano whines.
Toward the brightness, away from this place
I'll draw a curve, and emotions spring forth
Swelling music, our parade, raising it to burst the eardrum
My cold and numb palm, a grasped guitar, strums to burst the eardrum
A runaway girl of English influence, sulking in the beating rain
Holding up an umbrella with a hole in it, I follow after
Sitting cross-legged on the withered leaves
The profile of you looking so far away stabs my chest
The parade that's starting here now, it continues on
You and the wind and the cloudy sky become one and spring forth
Barefoot footprints, I deeply want to leave many more
I jump up and down to show you, so that I can make you laugh
What do you like, what do you hate, what do you have, what have you lost,
Where should we face, Wherever with you
I don't care if I'm laughed at
The key to the garage hung around my neck
Goodbye, cold water of the flowing stream
Listening to that song
Over the withered leaves, running faster than the wind
Everything visible becomes one within me
The parade that's starting here now, let's keep it going
A ringing melody so your face next to me won't get cloudy.
Swelling music, our parade
Swelling music, our parade
A scribble of an amoeba-like dog, a garage filled with blurred tires
The old piano creaked out a tune, There is no longer anyone here
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Wakkanai is a city in Hokkaido, near the very northernmost tip of Japan. The band originated from this city.

English influence = England (UK)

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