Annett Louisan - Wenn man sich nicht mehr liebt (traducere în Engleză)

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When you're not in love anymore

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How do you feel?
I ask the question without undertone
But my face is already heading for the final destination
Ok, how should you probably feel
What do we eat?
Afflicted dialogue at dinner
Which seems to suffocate on the words
We haven't spoken out
You seem unstable
I only react out of pity anymore
The facial expressions trimmed on love
Only hurt more in the end
We lie awake
Like to foreigners under one roof
I can barely move anymore
Ditches are pulled through the bed
You're just lying next to each other
When you're not in love anymore
They accuse
The colorful pictures in the frames
And the carelessly used petnames
Suddenly expose us
You ask me something
And I try to advise you
But my answer has given away
That I am not really interested
You touch me
And this pain hits me again
Because I cannot even explain to myself
Why I do not want to this anymore now
Postat de Steena la Marţi, 10/11/2009 - 20:37

Wenn man sich nicht mehr liebt

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