Samo Zaen - ya habibi rouhi (traducere în Engleză)


ya habibi rouhi

my love my life I am a guessing but dont know for sure
Postat de Zanjabeeloh la Duminică, 20/05/2012 - 14:57
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I am looking for this in English

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Love of my soul

Babe, come to me, heal my love wounds
I am waiting for you come back to check on me one day
Thinking of you all the time
If it is Ok for you to leave me like that, one day scores will be settled with you ( what goes around comes back around)
Your love gave me much pain, I am not able to forget you, my heart is so lonely, staying away from you is so hard
Nights turned into days ( means he was not sleeping at night)
Postat de marwa.elsayed.7798 la Vineri, 01/03/2013 - 06:17
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Habib rouhi --literal translation is "love of my soul", it is a word that people use to call their love same as babe, honey, my love, etc

The song does not have much lyrics in it, he is pretty much repeating four phrases again and again Regular smile

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