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Yes Sir

[Verse 1: Karuzo]
One hundred thousand Euros on the bank - I stay relaxed
The half is street cash, the other (half), because I rap obnoxiously
Paris Gare de l'est, c'est la vie1 mec2 , G rap
Intelligence - we have the license
Become witnesses, how Karuzo steps out of the UFO
The crew is back, from which it is said, that it has german raps future in them
And you are right, we are good for the business
Without us rap is a joint, that doesn't burn without embers
The comeback of the year, you have waited so long,
Short order, because the proof is "D.N.A."
At the speed of light underway on the street
I balance between Genius and insanity
I kicked my mum in the belly during the pregnancy
'Cause I wanted to get out as soon as possible, to live my dream
Back then cells divided quickly
Today you share a (prison) cell because of fast money, vile world
Superior genetics, for the AMG Mercedes
With the leather seats you have to push kilos as in the gym
I didn't get rich and stayed asocial
But your dying swan watches my crane fly!
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
Do you hear me? Yes Sir! Do you see me? Yes Sir!
All salute, 'cause the General is back, yeah!
Domo arigato, sayonara3, Bitch!
Let your vertebrates crack, show, what a soldier you are!
[Verse 2: Karuzo]
German rap plummets and has my album in the black box
Without us Hip hop would be Black Ops, just without headshots - boring
I am pissed off
Through my body run ten times hundred thousand Volt
What I smoke, is gold, look, how nifty it sparkles
I stashed at least two halfs of the poison
I want sparkling blings and beaches, so white
That I can relax, from today until the end of time
You stretch yourself a few lines, and insert it in you
And then you imagine, that you would be the best here
But no - you are just high from coke
I see my world constantly through a kaleidoscope
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
And I fly after her, to grab me the little girl
The whole is more than the total of it's parts
I want, that they pray to me and bow to me
"D.N.A." stands for "Doubly Nuclear Aggressive war"
Man, our cyborg fans are ready to go to combat
You want to battle? The demigod is played out last
I rip the thunderbolts from my cover and stab you, yoah!
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
  • 1. Paris Gare de l'est is the fifth biggest train station in Paris
    C´est la vie is French for "that's life"
  • 2. dude
  • 3. Japanese for: "Thank you very much, bye bye (bitch)"
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Comentariile autorului:

*Paris Gare de l'est is the fifth biggest train station in Paris
C´est la vie is French for "that's life"
Mec means like, dude or bro or man

**Japanese for: "Thank you very much, bye bye (bitch)"

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