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If my eyes, in pitch-dark blackness
In the pitch-dark well
Will drown
If there wasn't my body
If got lost
Became foam
Became an enemy
My life that has repeated for a million times
If there are roads
If expensive
If long, short or narrow
Your life that will not be any different
That has got tired
Don't see your lies, don't bandage wounds
Never end
Basically roads
Getting narrow, don't let out, don't get to an end
Even if you'll get over
It doesn't matter
I was wounded in my heart
If there's a place
If it'll give peace
If I'll be down on my knees
If the endless road will be enlighted
In the first rays of day
If I'll take a last breath
If I'll get lost in tears
Or in my first book
Postat de miranda1377 la Marţi, 07/04/2015 - 08:56
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