Yumma Lala يوما لالا (traducere în Engleză)


Yumma Lala يوما لالا

يوما لا لا
يا لالالا
و إيش بِدِك مني يا خالة
و حياتك خليني بحالي
و خلي الحلوة بحالا
يوما لالا لاتخليني حِن
دايمًا على بالي بتعِن
ها الحلوة خلتني جِن
عيونا عيون الغزالة
يوما خلي الحلوة لأهلا
تمشي و تسرح ع هلا
ما شِفنا منها أحلَى
ها الحلوة زادت دلالا
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Momma No

Momma no, what do you want from me auntie (auntie here is a way to refer to a female older than you, or it could be his aunt in the song theoretically, but its probably actually his mother)
What do you want from me auntie, what do you want from me auntie?
I beg you, leave me alone and leave that pretty girl alone
Leave that pretty girl alone, leave that pretty girl alone
Come on, don't make me miss her, she's always running through my mind
This pretty girl made me go crazy
Her eyes are like the eyes of the gazelle (meaning they are really beautiful)
Her eyes are like the eyes of the gazelle
Come on, let that pretty girl be, let her leave and go about as she pleases
Come on momma!
We've never seen anyone more beautiful than her
This pretty girl has a great feminine charm (the word dalaal means like femininity in the sense of being girly and pretty, or can be translated as coquetry, but what it means is that she is really attractive in the traditional sense of feminine beauty meaning cute, tame, vulnerable, etc)
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