In the zone

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Meanings of "In the zone"


to be focused

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Είμαι συγκεντρωμένος

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"In the zone" în versuri

Bomba Estéreo - It's me

No body cares about what I'm doing
The only thing that matters Is what's Inside
I'd like to be In the zone
Swimming In the sea with no reason with no problem

Mabel - Mad Love

When you put it do-do-down, do-do-down
I'ma ride on my own
But with you, I'm in the zone
One shot, don't let it go

LOBODA - Your Eyes

I can see my thoughts in your eyes
While the rain sings in broken English.
Perhaps we've landed in the zone of risk;
It's all too fast, too fast.

Thegiornalisti - Maradona and Pelé

Where we are alone, you begin to dance
I come following you, animal rhythm
Baby we are in the zone, we are ready to strike
Like two gunshots of West

Drake - Hotline Bling

Why you always touching road
Used to always stay at home, be a good girl
You was in the zone, yeah
You should just be yourself

Sam Feldt - Post Malone

5 AM and we still are rolling
In the deepest of my emotions
We are, we are in the zone

Jacob Forever - Until the seashore drys out

Until the seashore drys out.
I can't give into that, because it doesn't work so
Here it is worth being in the zone.

K.A.A.N. - Mary Jane

My concious only exists from the things that I did
I been praying for forgiveness of the way that I live
You can find me in the zone I swear to god I is
Ain't nobody breeding currently the words like this

NEFFEX - Never Give Up

Like a student tho
Working on a movement yea I'll do it
Cuz I'm in the zone
And you know

Sfera Ebbasta - Syrup

[Verse 2:Sfera Ebbasta]
Drug, trend, pink my soda (skrrt)
Call Uber to go back in the zone (skrrt, skrrt)
We don't count anything

LiL PEEP - praying to the sky

Ohhh, I don't know why you in love with me, ho
I keep amphetamines up in my coat
I'm in the zone, I'm all on my own

Toquel - Business

Dont tell me that you love me,yeah
I know that you dont love me,yeah
In the zone G19,yeah
Still in the neighbourhood,yeah

Soolking - Vroom Vroom

[Verse 1]
Yeah, in the zone,
Feinted the cops like Maradona,

Jimilian - Bad again

Turned off phone, no more beep-beep, don't want her trip
Because I'm in the zone: A little weed, my team, one beat, it's good
Now we're talking my language, give me what I like, let it be dirty

Amber Mark - Love Me Right

Why won't you realise you gotta love me right, baby (why won’t)
You tell me all the time, baby
(Come on, you’re in the zone, I need you here right next to me)
I'm the light in your life


I don’t really ever feel at home
on my own
in the zone
that’s the only way I know feeling low bought to blow back up! here I go!

Zack Hemsey - Don't Get In My Way

Their stride of a blind man's stroll
Well for whom does the next bell toll
I'm too many years in the zone
Too many years to have built what I own

Massari - Ya Nour El Ein

Baby, make it drop, shake your body right in front of me
Ain't never gon' be waiting for you
Pockets full of gold, in the zone you can find me
I'm thinking I could spend it on you

Canserbero - C'est la mort

Ya que crecí en un barrio pobre
Donde hasta las niñas tienen que ser hombres
You better run's son, guess who is in the zone?
Canserbero con K-P-U, don't even try with us

Bazanji - 2019

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I came on the scene and I did it alone
I work every weekend I been in the zone
Got so many bars I don't need a phone