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Two Steps Forward

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All the wolves are ready
and the lambs lined up,
because they are all so freshly sheared,
but the shepherd in the night,
left the flock unwatched,
Without a Pastor man is easily lost
Give me food,
more food,
Give me food,
fresh food
Two steps forward and 13 back,
sometimes just a little miracle will help you,
sometimes just a little luck will help you,
two steps forward and 13 back
And the herd is afraid,
but the hounds do not bite
Wolf and hound have conspired
and they have tasted blood,
because the lamb tastes so good
It was born weak anyways
Postat de Below_Average la Marţi, 15/05/2012 - 19:15
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The lyrics end early, but it just repeats the chorus so you're not missing anything.


Zwei Schritte vor

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