Ärränpeetä (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Asa (Finland)
  • Песня: Ärränpeetä
  • Переводы: Английский
перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский


N-nn-n-no, no, no, no worries anymore.
No, n-nn-n-no, no, no side picking either.
Elsewhere one makes up only
wall that's turned yellow by smoke.
There's no saviour to be found for a former friend.
Teeth shot, sentences leapt
a broken heart came back from Pasila, called.
But jaws are trembling, lungs of Parainen
I snatched a couple euros from the prison of Vantaa.
A jobless' day allowance is sieved by a prosecutor,
cries on the phone, who calls to guidance center?
Silent moments, mash in my mouth,
Auervaara-blues for soul killers.
Your tongue leaks, corners of your mouth of sorrow
wife's relatives almost beated the breath away.
Saturday charmer, goings of Häkämies
information on registers, restraining orders.
Cultures (are) wicked, girl becomes a thai massager
tracks are narrow but the roads here are for outcast.*
A man wants boobs and booty,
one happy family of problems
Now it's late, now there's just regrets,
do not hit do not hurt.
Blood out of the nose, from bad talking skills.
Whatever you say comes out naturally.
Both are defective, the others only sardonic.
Evil will get its pay, good candlelight dinners.
Now staying awake on the matress, worshipping a photo,
if there's a woman behind everything, there's not much in front of me.
My back hurts like life was behind,
just squeeze the sheets, we'll meet at the court.
Handkerchiefs, I'm peeling onions,
with watery eyes, with last strength having talking diarrheas**
The killing threat on the floor is shackled on wrists
in nature's flour, ensnared by a princess.
Never were all the parents at home
you still don't admit, in rage, in anger.
Boy made social porno into a song,
I know that the misses here are titivating to be targets.
Cursing words, save the v***
listen, wife would hit ODP.
Men have a choir, a turn for women
He fought for his life in the world of a quack
Sat and wondered laying on his back on the bed
From sunglasses I notice in Helsinki
that the the misses of this village are going in good stelling(?
Man handles like a washing machine in his home,
teaches, nobody owns any other.
A betrayed fruit is breaking hearts,
I built a bridge, now you see your stop.
I always stumble on stairs, steps to the grave
standing close, I have to shake hands from far.
Miss is not a whore, call for a mission
a child isn't allowed to see that much violence.
Conquistador is acting a bit too much like macho
No happiness in a ???
everything was fine, but everything will change in a week.
Do not hurt
n-no, n-no
Do not hurt
n-no, n-no
Do not
No no no!
Leave that man
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*The Finnish lyrics don't make sense; I suppose there should read "polut on kapeit mut tiet täällä mieroja".
**"Puheripuli" literally means "talking diarrhea"; it's a weird Finnish phrase, meaning a sudden urge to speak a lot.
***The v here is referring to a Finnish version of fuck, "vittu".

Rap songs are often very tricky to translate because there are usually a huge amount of words from different dialects and slangs, so there were parts I simply didn't understand. (Even the name of this song is pretty difficult to translate. There's simply no English word for "ärränpee", but I guess "curse" doesn't hit very far.)
Feel free to comment if there's anything to improve!



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