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It's three a.m. and you are still awake,
You couldn't get to sleep again,
What are you writing with black,
On white papers?
The ink runs out,
Don't think that it is infinite,
Your life will end, too,
One day.
Haven't you ever been alone,
Even in the crowd?
Haven't you ever seek a remedy,
In the bottom of the bottles?
It seems that the words were fake,
Take yourself off, step by step,
It seems that the faces were clear,
that you looked for in the rains,
and couldn't find.
You feel too lazy to,
Tell your story from the first,
It's no use for you,
to tire yourself by speaking of the past.
Confess it, you like sadness and sorrow,
Because sorrow feeds and wakes up the leaved body.
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