Černá vdova (перевод на Английский)

  • Исполнитель: Daniel Landa
  • Песня: Černá vdova
  • Переводы: Английский
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The black widow

This evening two souls grew together,
the love flew through us like a shot from crossbow
and our hot bodies were warmed by kisses from an angel
and I then stand up and felt how the rock gave away in my heart.
And you - do you know what did you say?
.. that you love me and you want me forever!
And I had no notion you told me the lies
and you only think of when you get out.
I wanted to say to you I love you, bastard!
And you made off. You light out - really a brave action!
I took it bad, maybe it was worth for you.
The whole long night ..your secret lady... and I wake up alone in bed!
Me- like a tearful, humiliated and offended woman.
So I become the black widow
with the purpur face.
I wanted to find you and
it was like finding the needle in the haycock.
But the black widow... she never has enough
untill she do what she would have to do.
And I wanted so! Cannons thundered in my heart,
in my soul - angels are deaf.
Only dark hole remains from your work.
What are you afraid of, my love?
Show me, how you are good!
You look suprised and I am ready,
how you wipe the tear off, it is really embarrassing situation.
I liked you very much and so you promised me something..
that is why we meet each other once again!
The pendulum is swinging. Brace up, my love!
Sometimes it used to be you will not learn the meaning
and you can not tell anybody
how the black widow can kiss.
The pendulum is swinging...
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Černá vdova

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