Şeyhimin İlleri (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

My Sheikh's Province

My Sheikh's province1
The roads to it are long
The roses of it, are open
Who will come to collect them, Ya Hu2?! 2x
(I love) The essence of my Sheikh
I love his sayings
(and) His sacred face
Who will come to see it, Ya Hu?! 2x
In the land of my Sheikh
He has a cane in his hand
To be at the sheikh's path
Who will come to it, Ya Hu?! 2x
For my Sheikh's candle
I'm like a moth
The lovers are like a knell
Who will come to burn, Ya Hu?! 2x
Loyalties and promises
Delights and Pleasure
The hardships on this road
Who will come to bear them, Ya Hu?! 2x
Tears with sighs
The ones who are on the same as Yunus3
The poisonous food,
Who will come to dine, Ya Hu?! 2x
  • 1. homeland
  • 2. "Ya Hu" or "Ya Huw" [from Arabic: يا هو] - literally "o Him!". The Arabic word meaning "Him" is often used in Islam (especially in Sufi tradition) for God. Like the Qur'anic words: "La ilaha illa Huw" (لا إله إلا هو) - literally "There is no god but Him!" - which appears many times in the Qur'an. However, in modern Turkish, it's also often just used as an interjection - like "oh!" or "hey!". (read more)
  • 3. "Yunus Emre" [Ottoman Turkish: يونس أمره] = Ottoman Poet from the 13th century. (read more)
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Translated by Allahov_Rob and Eyzihan Babaoğlu


Şeyhimin İlleri

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